Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I found the making of the Dish TV ads!

I'm sure you've all seen the new Dish TV ads (which prompted me to seek out other Dish TV commercials he's done. I love the one with the cricket! Oh.. long hair, shirt hanging loose, while swinging a bat around. o yumm~).. so I was waiting for the making of to come out. And here it is!!

I feel disconcerted, or dislocated rather.. when I watched Shah Rukh gave the interview in the old man disguise. Was like, "eeeek.. take it off first b4 talking to anyone!" But that's Shah Rukh for you. Never one to fear the loss of an image in whatever roles he plays, I love that about him. Then the interview fades back to the currently very young looking with tight shirt half-unbuttoned sexy Shah Rukh, and I get dislocated again LOL. This is very confusing, yaar!

Oh, one more thing.. one question you should never ask him: "What's common between Dish TV and Shah Rukh Khan?" If I were sitting on a chair, I would have fallen off it already..gyabo *was laughing too much* ..yeah, I'm an easily amused person, so sue me :P

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