Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I just feel like pasting these news report clips here...

If you've never been a minority and have never walked around in a foreign country fearing that someone might slap your head (happened to me) or hit your head with probably a thick wrapping paper (happened to me) or have a condom filled with beer thrown at you (happened to a student in another university when I was studying in the UK) just because you wear a headscarf that blatantly announces to the world that you're a muslim, then stop with the smirking and the cynical comments.

Okay, maybe those incidents seem puny to you, what with all the rapes and the tortures and the lynching going on across the world. But puny as they are, I experienced them while I was walking alone in the middle of a market square full of people or with just another female friend in a deserted alleyway. The feeling of bewilderment and fear.. the feeling of being unwanted, hated.. the feeling that I repulsed these people somehow when all I wanted to do was to go somewhere... that feeling, I wanted to return it ten thousand folds to them when they visit my country. But I'm still sane, so I refrain from doing bodily damage to tourists :P (plus, I don't want to go to jail). That doesn't stop me from eying them with wariness every time I see them walking around, laughing.. looking every bit as if they owned the place.

Shut up for a bit and look around you. The world has changed irrevocably since the day the muslims were accused of the 9/11 massacre despite various efforts from conspiracy theorists to prove that this is not so (look up their websites if you care). Countries have been invaded and civilians have been killed en mass, all to support a suspicion that lacks any concrete evidence. I am just one person, but so are you. And even if we can't stop our politicians from turning us into puppets and our countries into giant toys they can play around with, we can stop ourselves from turning into judges and juries who try strangers and punish (or bully) them just because they're different from us.. whether due to they're having different religions or having disorders like Asperger.

Movies can't change the world for the better. But we can.

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