Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The first look of the movie comes out today! TODAY!!

Here I am all excited, and I don't have cable.. shucks. But I love love love the little I saw of Rizwan Khan in this clip. It reminds me of the time I watched Suri disembark from the train in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. I was going, "That can't be Shah Rukh..." I think this is going to be my most favourite character to replace Suri. Shah Rukh is right, his best role IS his next role. Even when a movie of his is not going the way I want it to (Dil Se, KANK, Paheli, Chaahat, etc.), I still love the role(s) he played in it.

My Name is Khan will premiere at the Berlin Film Festival on February 12. It is expected to be screened at one of Berlin's most important locations, Potsdamer Platz. Incidentally, it is the first Indian film to be premiered in Berlin.

I quote a bit of Karan Johar's interview in the Mumbai Mirror post:

• How long do you plan to work only with Shah Rukh Khan considering that actors have a limited shelf life, unlike directors?

I have never worked without him and I have no clue what the experience will be like. I do my best work when Shah Rukh is on the sets as there is this tremendous sense of comfort when he is around and I feel that everything will be fine and fun on the sets. I think I will be working with him for the rest of my life as we have this special connection not only personally but also professionally. We understand each other very well, he is a member of my family and vice versa.

Ha! Now they're asking that. If Karan were to go and work with another hero, they'd be going all over the place saying Karan has exited Shah Rukh's camp, the way it's been happening with poor Farah. What a low strategy this media type employs, all for the sake of a story.

Nowadays I just boycott from reading stupid dushman-dostana posts like that.. be it with Salman, Aamir, Farah, Shirish, Amitabhji, etc. Boring stuff! I want real meat. No.. I demand real meat that I can bite into and chew in satisfaction. Stop being lazy, you journalists! You're not from some cheap tabloid papers! Go out there and find some really interesting news! I know you can do it~~

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