Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The idiot has gone and done it again...

Far be it that I'm here in my own SRK blog promoting someone else's film, but since this guy's recent public remarks (he's dredged up a long-forgotten stale issue..for the umpteenth time now!!) has managed to provoke a very funny response from Shah Rukh, I have to do this post so that I can paste it here. No, no..not the media-edited one. It's this:

"Do you..have a relationship with the editor, or the cameraman? Or are you the greatest friends with the gentleman who's writing this script for you? Are you sir, sleeping with a cameraman of yours because he's shooting the shot for you? No. So, you know..we just work with each other and have a good time."

And the saala reporters even laughed at several places, even though the jokes were on them. There's no accounting for some people's stupidity, really. They just go on and on. I think it's become so ingrained in their work ethics now, they dunno how to do it differently anymore. See, I have absolutely no problem if this kinda moronic reporting comes from tabloid papparazi, but these guys/gals call themselves journalists and claim that they work for serious papers/news channels. Errr.. okkkaay~

I find it really amusing that he imitated the "Kkkkkiran" dialogue in one of his public appearances. After all, it was a role that he turned down (coz it would hurt his hero image..hmm) before it went to Shah Rukh. Btw, I read somewhere that the stutter was Shah Rukh's input. The logic behind it is.. coz Rahul is so in love with the girl, he can't help but stumble over her name with reverence whenever he calls her.

And no matter how cynics might laugh at Shah Rukh and keep on making snide remarks about how he 'is still stuttering', the fact that most people remember about the stutter after 16 years have passed is truly an amazing thing, huh? Some of Shah Rukh's movies may be out for toss (i.e. I would have never ever touched them with a 10-foot pole if it weren't for him acting in them) according to me, but DARR would not have been the wonderful movie we know and love if it hadn't been for the way Shah Rukh played Rahul. My favourite scenes are the ones where he kills people, esp. the balcony scene. It's like... "hahaha, I'm sorry" *BAM!* ...the girl hits the pavement. Ooops.. that's in Baazigar.. :P ..anyway, nobody plays a psycho the way he does.. ish simply awesome.

Anyway, it's cool that Shah Rukh is finally going public with his environmental work (even though he still looks a bit shy about it). I probably should start doing the same, at least around my house and neighbourhood *cough* ..being a lazyass doesn't help in making my feelings about the environment felt by the people around me LOL. But o hey, I do try to conserve water in my daily usage! ..emmm, I think.

PS: To anyone who passes through this blog and is currently fuming with fingers poised above his/her keyboards to write some angry comments to me coz I call him an idiot, here's the idiot himself clarifying why he indeed deserves to be called that in not just one interview, but several (I only bothered to find three, so you obsessives out there can go find the rest yerselves~), here, and here!

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