Saturday, June 11, 2011

110609 [HD] Kim Hyun Joong - Let Me Go + Please + Break Down [Solo Debut Stage]

Maybe I was wrong about the sunglasses. Maybe hyung didn't wear it because of some image issues. Maybe he wore it to protect us fangirls from swooning en mass from too much hotness. Case in point - the "Please" performance in this clip:

...and I found the fancam where he was reading the letter to the audience (and it's for all of us fans, of course) in that cute way and crying and, ok... by that time, I'm a goner. It doesn't matter that I was a goner before.

Maybe with Kim Hyun Joong, one is destined to be a goner more than a coupla hundred times in one's short life. Not that I mind.


Psssst, did any of you notice that Baby Jun put the KHJ initial on the cover of his CD? I know that their names have the same initial, but everyone sorta takes it for granted that KHJ is hyung's. Don't believe me? Google 'KHJ' and see what turns up. I don't know what Baby meant by it, maybe nothing. But I did go "huh?" when I saw it.

And please don't wank all over my blog about this. Don't kill the messenger. Go PM Baby at his official website to ask him if you feel so strongly about it.

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