Monday, June 13, 2011

[Update] Kim Hyun Joong SBS "Strong Heart" Teaser ...and other UPDATES

Yes, yes... I'm updating again. Now that hyung is back and looking sexier than ever, how can I resist blabbing about him all over the place?

Kyaaaaaaaaaa! Another show! Okay, this makes all the months of not having KHJ on my screen worth the wait.

Hope they sub it quickly... thing with hyung, if we can't enjoy his 4D talk then it'll be like soooo frustrating.

Doesn't he look so grown up now? He's lost most of his chubby face, all lean machine now. I keep going "Wow, he looks so much more like a dancing mannequin," coz of his excessive prettiness. The mature look suits him, even if I did wish he had a cuter-styled hair. Well, at least it's not a bowl cut or dyed platinum / strawberry blonde hair. Eeeep.

Speaking of pretty, hyung confessed to having a nose job. Ha! I could almost hear a cacophony of "We told you so!!!" LOL. He said he did it after his nose was hit (smashed? thwacked? tapped?) by a stone, but I dunno why that should distract antis and their grandmothers from the fact that Mr. Perfect had his nose done.

Oh, I just looked this up coz I'm not into fanclubs so I'm very sorry I missed it. I'm still a TRUE FAN~~~ (whatevs). I'm just trying to imagine what antis will make out of Henecia... there are some interesting words that rhyme with it out there, if you have all the time in the world as antis do to indulge in that sorta past time. Anyway, does that make us Henecians, then? That sounds pretty rad, actually. I think we should start looking up a potential home planet.

As usual, I like to torture myself by reading reviews on albums by artists I like, knowing that these critics write them by focusing solely on the songs and performances with no regard for the artists' hotness factor. Of course that kind of dry objectivity is permissible with some artists, but not with Kim Hyun Joong.

It's like trying to say Madonna, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, George Michael and Lady Gaga should rank lower in the chart coz they have limited vocal range but hey they're skilled at working with what they've got to make themselves sound good. (Duh. I wonder if these critics ever realize how redundant their columns are before they publish them).

Despite KHJ not being anywhere in the vicinity of those pop deities, it still holds true that an idol is a complete package and somehow KHJ just exudes idol charisma. I used to wonder about it too, until I saw him for myself from afar. He's just such a blinding light and I was floating from happiness despite being squashed by hundreds of screaming fangirls throughout the meet-up session. Borrowing a line from his new song... "I just don't get it, get it."

I tried to watch the highly-rated Oh! Ah! and Girl by Kim Hyung Jun (a.k.a. the other KHJ)... mmm, nope. No feeling whatsoever. No to Jung Min's Not Alone either. I guess it depends on what you like and whom you like. No amount of ratings from even the most seasoned of critics can make you feel for a song or a performance or an artist. But I'm a masochist, so I reserve my rights to continue reading those review columns as much as I want.

By the way, Break Down just nabbed 1st place on the Hanteo Charts, Korea’s largest record sales chart.. so yeah, if someone were to tell me how that is not indicative of a good song, I'll ignore the stupid.

(have you ever tried to sing 'One More Time'? He goes from very low to screaming without his voice sounding like it's experiencing much range. I didn't realize that until I tried to sing it. No matter how I tried, I still can't get the pitch right. It was then that I realized how good he is as a singer. Try it and see, maybe you're a better singer than I am and can get it at first try)

Found a talk where he was asked about that nose job thing he disclosed in the previous TV program and hyung conveniently admitted to suffering from insomnia (video here). I love the way he can twist questions around in interviews and make it work in his favour with apparently no prior planning or scheming. He's a genius at handling obnoxious and belligerent hosts. And when they're nice to him, he'll turn on that mega-wattage charm that has even the male talk show hosts melting in puddles of goo at his feet.

Found a translated interview by Brian Joo where he was asked about hyung. Were they close?

He was in this show too! What is this SBS 'Every Night'? Must look it up later, hope someone uploads it (with sub, please?).

Finally, a (very very short) subbed video...

...and hyung vs. Yeong Saeng at the chart. Woah.

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