Saturday, June 18, 2011

[Investigation File] Lee Ji Ah - the mystery revealed

Well, I'm not her fan... but I do like her ex-husband's music kind of a lot. Uhuh, apparently the 'Alien' did not appear out of nowhere in 2007 as we thought. I'll just copy-paste what I found this morning here. Ami shock!
Legendary rock star Seo Taiji, known as an iconic musician in the 90s and dubbed by his fans as Korea's "culture president", stunned the public after the daily SportsSeoul reported on Thursday that Seo has secretly been married to actress Lee Ji-ah for the past 14 years and they are in middle of a divorce. (link)
I don't know why the love life of the artists I'm obsessed with should be any of my (or any fan's) concern, but there you go... apparently his fans are disappointed because he lied to them about his status. It's easy to see why he lied, you eejits. Coz else, you people will never leave him and his family alone.

Interestingly, Lee filed for divorce in 2006, about a year before she debuted. Too much stress? It's not easy to be a power couple, I guess. 14 years of marriage and now they've got an alimony suit to show for all the memories they shared together. Divorce proceedings suck.

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