Wednesday, June 15, 2011

[Engsubbed] MBC Section TV Interview with Hyun Joong on 12 June 2011

Yeay! My request was fulfilled (well, I'm sure it's purely coincidental but I'm grateful nonetheless). It's subbed!!! Thanks so much!

I want to write letters to him (in Korean, a language I have not learnt yet)! And I can say I love him more than my hubby too! With hubby's permission... of course, since he's a fanboy who totally asked me to buy a SS501 concert DVD the other day and pawed at it like a kitten when we got back home so I could put the video on because he doesn't know how to work the new player no matter how many times I tried to teach him. I watched hyung's new MV with him sitting beside me trying to look all bristly and jealous coz I was openly salivating at too much sexiness. Awwww...

You can find more subbed video here. Watch them quick! Before it gets taken down by the self-righteous copyright defenders~

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