Wednesday, June 15, 2011

[Investigation File] Sexy stage - Kim Hyun Joong

This is the performance he did when he said in an interview how he wanted to create a 'sexy stage' but he didn't think he succeeded to do it as he wanted it.

This is the 'sexy stage' he created years after that. What do you think? Has he succeeded? (I think he has, but let not my opinion sway your decision).

If you must know, I think the sexiest stage he has ever created to date was when he ripped his shirt off during 'Please Be Nice to Me'. That was... mmm, very nice.

Oh, did you notice he said in the Section TV interview how he's managed to do the 'free stage for fans' performance that he's kept saying he wanted to do ever since his SS501-DSP years? Isn't he all sorts of awesome?? I wish I were part of the audience when that history was made in hyung's life.

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