Monday, August 31, 2009

Bio Genesis - Kaya (Schwarz Stein)

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Yep, that's Kaya. It's a bloke, you know. Part of the allure of jrock is salivating over all these pretty young things with macho voices. I remember watching the youtube clips of various bands with my jaw hanging open at how much prettier they are than most girls I've seen on screen. They have absolutely no problem performing boy love for their crowd, their fangirls even expect them to do it and it has done only good things for their image. So different from the Western world with all their hypocritical ways of looking at things: it's absolutely taboo if it's in public, but definitely alright and pursued in private.

I've not been indulging in too much jrock stuff lately, ever since my favourite jrocker went completely pop in his recent ventures.. hmmmph. Gackt, I miss your old self but I know we'll never get that guy back, so I'll just shut up and mourn my loss in that little corner of my I've been doing this past coupla years already.

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