Saturday, August 29, 2009

Who is Lee Williams?

Why don't we know more of him? And why is this movie not known to the general public? I certainly had never heard of it, and I usually manage to catch a whiff of something this interesting if there were ever a fuss made over it. I swear, sometimes the media spends too much time discussing to death mediocre stuff to the detriment of the good ones that come along once in a blue moon.

It's a shame he lost the part of Tom Riddle to.. oh, I dunno who. If he had been the one to play Tom, I'd never have forgotten his name. I'd have been scouring the net searching for more info on him right after the credit roll. Arrgh, I'm so unhappy. Sometimes, casting directors can be such a pain. He'd be perfect as Dorian Gray too, no offense to Ben Barnes but the kid can't really carry the 'tortured' look as well as Lee Williams can. But, maybe it works out for the best. Who knows...

As the info says, and I wholly agree, the movie is an "Excellent and very rare gay-themed Canadian mystery/thriller. Made for Canadian television in 2002. Not available on DVD or video, and never shown in America. Hardly ever shown in Canada either. This movie really needs to be seen more and put out on DVD!"


And guess what? By chance (and some determination), I found another movie of his uploaded. Seems that he's got quite a following for his old stuff to be dug up and pasted in youtube this way. I hope he'd get the chance to do more mainstream movies and hence the recognition that, in my opinion, he deserves. The embedding is disabled so I can only give out the link (you can follow the rest of the parts on your own, can't you?). It was his first movie and he looks like a very pretty girl with very small tits (I'm talking about this clip). I was mesmerized for the entire duration of his performance.

The Wolves of Kromer (part 1)

And oh my, I've been surveying youtube. He has a smattering of uploaded clips all over it. Not all whole movies like both the above though, sadly. But know what? Somebody uploaded his VERY FIRST DRAMA! Frellin' ell. Whoever that person is, I'd be indebted to her for the rest of my life... if I were into pledging what little that remains of my life to a stranger. Nevertheless, I love you people! *kisses*

Macbeth on the estate (part 1)

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