Friday, October 30, 2009

Another rant

I must have ranted about this somewhere in the blog, but I want to rant about it again.. ha!

I do get irritated whenever I read people comment on how he 'chose to be a star over being an actor', how he overacts, how he's not a good actor, and how his films are too sugarcoated.

See, movies are a funny thing. Sometimes if they're good enough, they acquire a life of their own regardless of how crappy the plots are (that's why we have B-rated cult movies). But there are instances where in the hands of an actor, an intelligent movie can turn into the most banal thing you ever saw in your life.. and vice versa.

Personally, I don't understand what you're doing torturing yourself reading my blog if you're not an SRK fan, but let's say hypothetically that you're not. Picture Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, Baazigar, Darr, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Dil To Pagal Hai, Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, Chalte Chalte, Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, and Chak De in the hands of your favourite hero.. someone other than Shah Rukh. The result is for you to digest yourselves, not me. Coz I can't picture them with anyone else playing the lead other than SRK.

I don't think people give enough appreciation to the roles he has played. All they ever concentrate on are individual scenes or the movie itself. Isn't it odd that out of the movies of his generation, the movie characters that stand out the most are the ones Shah Rukh played. I remember exact mannerisms of his heroes/anti-heroes after just the first watch. Not to mention his impeccable timing with his co-stars despite the many movements he tends to slot in for even the smallest and tiniest of scenes.

Granted, he looks the same in every movie.. but seriously, how different can a human be after the first 20 films? Esp. to the fans who have followed him almost obsessively since he was in Fauji... they're sure to spot every nervous gesture, every quirk of an eyebrow, every dimpled smile, every downcast face, every cynical smirk, and every teary expression that he displays for the camera. Do you want him to undergo a plastic surgery for facial alteration so he'd look drastically different in every movie??

So now I forget about trying to see whether Shah Rukh Khan acts differently this time. Instead, I try to see the guy he's portraying, I try to see the story he's trying to tell, I try to empathise with the plight of the hero, or.. if he's playing an anti-hero like Don.. the absolute relish he's projecting while inflicting all manners of devilish tortures on the poor victims around him. This way, it makes me feel less guilty for not liking some scenes or some movies he's done coz.. see, I just can't connect with the characters or the stories. It's how I deal with (my other movie/drama idols) Johnny Depp, Nicholas Tse and Lee Jun Ki. And this is also why I don't get it when people say, "I tried hard to like him, but I can't.." or "I tried hard to like this movie becoz he's in it, but I can't.."

Arre yaar.. why do you have to force yourselves? If you don't like him or any of his movies, turn the DVD off or walk out of the movie theater and go watch/do something else. Really, I do feel like bonking some heads whenever I read that kind of comment. Are you a bunch of 8-year olds? Even 8-yr olds know how to turn off the TV when a Naruto episode gets kinda sucky (or maybe that's just me and my 8-yr old mentality). Stop doing what you think you should do, and just do what you know you should do. Throw off the automatically installed societal-switch and just be. You can do that and still be a polite human being who doesn't bitch and curse in the comment sections of other people's blogs and websites, you know.

Another one is... earlier, it was quite amusing to read SRK movie reviews that talk "intelligent"ly about why he's the suckiest ever choice for this or that role he's played in it. Now, it's just plain irritating. Guys/gals.. if you could predict him as well as you say you could, why bother watching his films? I hate it when people who clearly don't enjoy something participate along with me in it anyway, and then proceed to thrash it (which happens to be something I love) with relish for paragraphs and paragraphs in their blogs to the whole world.

What a truly dull hobby they have. See, I'm not a Salman Khan fan, or an Aamir Khan fan. I do love a bit of Hrithik and Abishek though, but not enough to follow their 3.5 hour movies from start to finish. So I never bother to review their movies. How bothersome is it to blab about a movie you're not passionate about when you don't even get paid for it? Or maybe it's true what I said before in the blog.. those people are really masochists. They like to torture themselves with Shah Rukh's presence. Maybe it's because "...SRK has such beautiful eyes, it can make anyone go crazy!!!8@93%7&&5!!??!111!" (lol).

And with that, I take my leave for the rest of this week. Have a good weekend!


  1. Interesting post - and I agree. Why watch a movie if you're against the star from the beginning. I am a HUGE SRK fan because I think he's a great actor. True, he does have characteristic mannerisms that he uses, but every actor has characteristic qualities, and I think SRK gets unfairly slammed when he has the courage to step outside of that safety zone and try something different.

    You see actors in Hollywood playing the same kinds of roles the same way over and over again without coming up against the kind of criticism SRK gets (and I'm not saying he does play the same role over and over again - look at KANK for example). I wonder why?

  2. I wanted to reply here, and then I went.. why not write a post about it? LOL. So yeah, as you can see.. it's just another excuse for me to blab about Shah Rukh :P