Sunday, October 4, 2009

Some guys should take a leaf out of this woman's book and just grow up..

.. and seeing that one of them is 7 years short of going into middle age, the situation for him seems rather pathetic, I think. She's happily married now and probably is working towards getting a baby soon. It's really tasteless and crass of her ex-boyfriends to yap about their past incidents together as if kissing (or hitting?) and telling would open opportunities ( for a comeback for one of them?) or make people understand them better.

And it's so typical for the guys to blame the girl, as if they hadn't a thing to blame and as if they had not been bringing the whole schbang unto themselves. Next time you want to impress your girlfriend by holding a press conference to broadcast your enmity towards her 1st ex-boyfriend who has been known to publicly hound and pester her to the point of violence, ask her opinion first whether you should go ahead with it.. comprende? Watching this clip, I sorta understand how Ash could go through all that muck with these two schmucks and still move forward as a winner in her personal and work life. She's a really cool customer.. strong-willed and clear-headed. Gorgeous too, yumm.

I was really surprised to know that Veer-Zaara was written for her though. What happened?? And when she talked about the domino effect, it makes me wonder at the intricacies involved in the dealings going on in a movie industry. No wonder Shah Rukh said that it's a very tough job, that the glamour exists only on screen after they've put on the make-up and lighting. I like thinking about such stuff coz I'm an escapist. I like wondering about things that I know I will never get involved in, that way I can be philosophical about it without getting hurt (hehe).

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