Sunday, October 25, 2009


You know.. whenever I stumbled upon comment sections like in this one, I get depressed. Not becoz there are people with an intense dislike for Shah Rukh, but becoz there're too many people in this world who apparently have too much time in their hands to argue about silly things like whether SRK is or is not an icon.

What is it to you if he is an icon or isn't?? Do you get a commission for dissing or defending him online in arguments with moronic people? If you want to get into a heated argument on SRK, why not be more cerebral about it? But I have to say.. cerebral arguments involving SRK (and other actors) alwiz end up sounding pretentious and pompous. They make for an amusing read, though.

I wonder if you guys/gals realise that while you're busy 'fighting' among yourselves in forums and websites over inconsequential things relating to Shah Rukh (and the rest of the B-brigades), he's out there working his cute butt off and earning more money, recognition, and personal satisfaction by the second. So, I suggest you guys/gals leave that useless online-bickering activity behind and do the same. You're needlessly bleeding copious dollops of precious time on this earth. What a waste.

But of course this good advice will be ignored by everyone.. as is usually the case with all good advices. I'll just log off and continue with my boring work then, hmmm?

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