Friday, October 30, 2009

What do I love about Shah Rukh Khan? Let me count the ways...


PS: The number does not in any way indicate an order of preference. It's just some number randomly stuck in my equally random post (that has a potential of being expanded to more than one posts in the same label/tag).

Shah Rukh changes people and consequently.. how they live their lives.. just by being so open about himself. Which is why I don't understand when anyone calls him insecure.

I think to be able to talk about anything that embarrasses you, brings you joy, makes you laugh or cry.. or simply sharing the love that's in your heart, showing how vulnerable you are, telling someone how they can hurt you just because you love them too much.. these all take a lot of courage and an ability to be so secure about yourself to know that you'd be okay regardless of the comments from family/friends/strangers that you guess you'll get after such an exposure.

I think more than anything.. more than talents & good looks (of which he has aplenty, in my humble opinion), more than good scripts & directors, more than being at the right place & the right time.. Shah Rukh endears himself to us by constantly reminding us that he's one of us. Like.. "Hey, listen. I'm just like you guys. You know, you can get this success you always equate me with if you work as hard and diligently as I do. You can have a lovely family and still be excellent at your job if you work hard enough all the time to get them both going. Never give up and you'll get there".

He's such an inspiration. But of course there're always those of us who get so inspired by him and then sit on our asses doing nothing but surfing the net all day despite having numerous deadlines hovering over our heads like the sword of Damocles (errrr.. me?).

He's so candid about his personal life (despite still keeping it a very private affair.. how he manages that, I have no idea) that even I, a person who comes from a conventional muslim society that opposes mix marriages between non-muslims and muslims, can only think of Gauri Khan and his children with affection. In the end, I made a promise to myself to stay quiet on this front. But that doesn't mean I'm not aware of what Shah Rukh has sweetly achieved in getting the lot of us to accept his family despite shoving them into the limelight with his endless " wife said..." quotes and various mentions of shared religious celebrations.

Even taking the religious quotient out of the equation, I've yet to find a murderous female fan in the cyber landscape who bitches about SRK's married status over an extreme & irrational jealousy against Gauri (except for Vidya Balan, that is.. LOL). This harmony is almost unheard of in female-dominated fandoms, and I've been in several others before (japanese, korean, and english artists').

And now, it's become acceptable for movie heroes to flaunt their wives/gfs as if they're the most precious treasure (which they should be!) the way.. O God.. everyone is doing now. I mean, guys.. it's okay with wives, but do you have to go gaga over every gf you're into at the time you're into her? Like Shah Rukh (see Koffee w Karan episode with Farah Khan), I also get very confused over the 'musical chair'-like pairings in the B-industry. Not that I dwell too much on it tho, but I do wish they'd get married soon and live happily ever afterward.

Maybe you weren't into Bollywood pre-SRK but lemme tell ya.. this was an unheard of phenomenon until he came along. Bollywood stars of yesteryear usually deal with the media invasion of privacy by shoving the beloved members of their families deeper into their homes as if they were a part of some shameful secrets that can't be leaked to the public. Somehow, Shah Rukh managed to make his wife the only woman (promotional stills with his heroines don't count) he got paired with in photo shoots. She was even in some TV advertisements with him. When I stumbled upon those ads on youtube, I thought that was some awesome work. How did he convince those sponsors to agree to that concept??

What brought this babbling on? Just a mention of him in these posts (one, two) I stumbled on today. You know, just by him admitting on national TV (bantering with his mother-in-law and his bro-in-law no less! And 'Jeena Isi ka Naam hai' had his father-in-law brought onto the show.. so I think Farah's program has completed the set.. unless Gauri has other siblings we don't know about) that he's proud to be a henpecked husband made a lot of couples come out with interesting bits about their regularly imbalanced lives.

He made it cool for men to be a JKG and for women to fess up about being the dominating force in the family. And that's reason numero uno of why I love him.

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