Saturday, July 31, 2010

Movie marathon: 2nd movie - Confession of pain

I bought it coz of Takeshi, of course. He's my long-time love. In fact, we have an on-off relationship spanning more than a decade now. I still remember that movie where he's running around on my screen causing mischief with Dicky. He's older and wiser now. This movie has him running around causing mischief in a state of blind drunkenness. Everyone has to grow up sometime.

And everytime I watch Tony Leung, I'm reminded of his very first drama. I'm glad he fulfilled people's expectation of him by becoming a veteran actor. I would kick his head in if he quit early after so many sickeningly flowery praises on him I had to endure while reading the newspapers during that time.

It's called Confession of Pain. It's also on youtube in 11 parts. DEMMIT! *kicks wall*'s okay, it's okay. I want the DVD anyway... *thinks of empty wallet* ...arrrrrrrgh!!! *kick kick*

This movie is totally NOT a whodunnit movie, so stop your whining and get with the program. You pretty much know who had done it even before they show you the killer's face.

Watching this, I got inspired again. Maybe I should just write this shit up and to hell with my dissertation.. ha! Nope, I didn't mean that. I have a responsibility towards my sponsors, supervisors, guarantors, yada yada yada...

Life is hard.

Life is hard for everyone involved in this movie too. Choices you make determine the outcome of your life is pretty much shoved up yer ass every step of the way. You feel sorry for these people.. they're someone who can live right next to you. Man, it even makes me wonder whether hubby dearest can be someone this cold and single-mindedly brutal. Hope not. I don't wanna be killed while I'm sleeping. Although, death while sleeping is not such a bad way to go... if you think of 1001 horrible ways possible for you to die.

Justice, saving the world... those are mere illusions. As Woochie said... "Life is a dream". What is the point in working so hard to attain the unattainable? Only humans have the strength to fight so desperately for something as meaningless as an empty life.

The ending depresses me, but I accept it... just like I accept so many unreasonable things happening around the world. Everything has a meaning... if we think of it this way, the struggle for life is not so pathetic after all. No matter how strong the temptation, ending your life for any reason or no reason whatsoever is not an option. Life is hard. Life is supposed to be hard. If your life is not hard enough, make it harder. One day you will die with no regret.. or less regret, at least.

Life is a struggle to die as a better person. I think.

P/S: Brother! I want my K-20 DVD back!!! grrrr...

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