Monday, July 26, 2010

40%'s competition.. staaaato!

Which one will grab the viewers in this rating war??

Mischievous Kiss

My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox

I always think the worst for the ones I love the most, so I'm really worried for hyung's drama. But I think, being the masochistic workaholic that he is... this 'war' will just spur him on to work harder. Don't forget to eat, hyung-chan! I don't want you to go all skinny towards the end of the drama like you did in BOF!

Producer-san, cordi noona-san, minna-san... please take good care of hyung and feed him rice & meat. Don't serve him sandwiches for days in a row, okay. If he's healthy... his skin will glow beautifully and his sculpted body can be shown to the best advantage. This will also increase rating for the drama~~  (is my campaign working? *hypnotizes all crew members*)

I miss hyung. Wish him all the best. I'll work hard along with him.. arrrrgh, but I have zero tolerance for temptations! *shifts camera focus away from her pathetic life*


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