Monday, July 26, 2010

Hyung's 1st day shoot!!

Long live rabid stalker fangals *confetti* ..I lovesh us, really. Altho, I'm only rabid online. How cool is it that your school get selected as filming location for a drama starring your idoru?? I'm so jealous of those schoolgirls now. Granted, I'll never look the part as a high school student at my age. But maybe, I can disguise as their homeroom teacher? God, I'm old.

*throws negative thoughts far away* ...neeways, I scouted for hyung's pictures as Naoki-sama, and got a truckload. I'll just paste the one I like here..

hyung.. suteki! aishiteru aishiteru~ 

That said, I wonder when he'll act in a drama that's not a remake of a japanese manga. This is his second one. I know he's the second guy next to Min Ho in BOF, but to me it feels like he has more screen time.. LOL. So in my head, hyung is the lead in BOF who doesn't get the girl but is not stupid enuff to get himself killed over her just coz he can't have her. Or kill her..

...I guess that plot mostly works in hindi movies and not in the rest of the Asian region. But hey.. doesn't Jun Pyo throw his body in front of a moving car and in his not-so-near death hour tells Ji Hoo that he's the only one for Jan Di? I guess that dying-over-the girl-I love works in any culture. He makes Ji Hoo cry with his selfish unthoughtfulness! I want to bonk Jun Pyo on the head for saying such a hurtful thing to my lovely sunbae.. gyabo. Does he think Ji Hoo so evil to take Jan Di for himself after a sacrifice like that from his best friend? *bonk bonk* ...oooops, BOF fever is supposed to be over now that we have Naoki-sama a.k.a Seung-Jo gracing our TV life with his lovely presence. And they keep his hair colour! Thank you God for small favours~

However, I think I get why hyung wanted this role out of the gajillion roles offered to him. Seung-Jo is more Hyun Joong-ish than Ji Hoo will ever be. Despite falling in crush over hyung due to His Amazingly Lovely Rui-ness, after watching so many SS clips.. I realized that there's not much Ji Hoo in hyung.. in fact, it really feels like hyung created him from scratch out of his persona. I like hyung much more, so much so that I begin to get irritated whenever I watch clips during or right after BOF where the MC's kept on calling him.. "Ji Hoo sunbae.. Ji Hoo sunbae"

But the thing is... Naoki is also aloof and cold like Ji Hoo. To those who think Ji Hoo is the national romantic guy.. lemme tell you that Ji Hoo is so cold, he manages to focus all his loving effort on 2 unattainable women in his life. Isn't the essence of a cold man being an inability to be responsible for your love? What is more irresponsible than loving a woman so selflessly, knowing you'll never get her... nor do you want to have her for real... in the end? Ji Hoo sunbae.. you are the loveliest flower in F4, but I don't agree with your concept.

So, for Ji Hoo sunbae's and hyung's lovers.. we kinda get a 2-in-1 deal... don't you think? Naoki is both cold and warm, serious and mischievous, genius and an idiot.. so many contradictions! I love hyung.. he's so smart. Altho I thought up all these things by myself with no regard whatsoever to the real reason why hyung took this role.. I still think he's very smart.. nay, a genius!

Please work hard to show us a new side of you this time, hyung! We're waiting for you~


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