Saturday, July 31, 2010

Movie marathon: 1st movie - The Taoist Wizard Woochie

Bought 3 interesting movies today and I watched all at one go. Atama ga itai.. demo, hontou ni ureshikatta. Totally worth this frigging headache I'm experiencing right now.

Can I divide the post into 3 parts? Of course I can, it's my dem blog. Right. The first movie I watched was Woochie.. or Woo Chi. Or The Taoist Wizard as called on youtube. Yep, it was uploaded in its entirety with 13 parts. Trust me for finding it online after coughing up more than ~ RM20 for it. But the action is too good to be watched on the puny youtube monitor.

I started out thinking.. gyabo, the guy looks awful with that top hat. But as soon as he transforms into a sleek, pony-tailed guy with legs that stretch on forever.. I was hooked. So sue me for being shallow.

I like how the story is woven too. I mean, I have to like the guy first to appreciate the story *cough* ...anyway, while watching it, I wish I could write a story this nice, at least. I like a movie with lots of things going on.. at the front, in the background, all over the place.. and then they all tie together. Woochie is a story like that, IMO.

I looked him up on the net coz I can't help feeling I've seen him onscreen somewhere b4, but I didn't recognize any of the movies he's acted in. I haven't watched that many Korean movies coz they're usually about love, gangsters and/or crude sex. At least the ones that I stumbled on anyway. Woochie is unique, which is why I bought it. It's supposed to be Korean's #1 blockbuster movie when it came out. Not that I'd care about that anyway. I like movies I like, doesn't matter if the rest of the world don't care to give them labels.

I wonder if I can cook up something at least as interesting as Woochie. Time is running out and I still haven't written a fraction of the things I want to. I'm a stupid idiot who's throwing her life away doing petty things before I die, just like the rest of humankind on this planet.


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