Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Crash course on hyung-chan

If anyone has any doubt of how far apart he is from his most-remembered character, Ji Hoo sunbae, he/she should watch these clips below. He's still in his 1st season's Ji Hoo-hairstyle so the contrast is most dazzling. You know which one I prefer... errr, coz I just told you so in my previous post.

So please don't doubt hyung's ability to be Naoki-sama, kay. He's a natural chameleon. Stop comparing negatively between the versions.. enjoy the difference. If all the guys from different cultures (Japan, Taiwan, Korean) act out Naoki-sama in a similar way, you'll complain too. I know this because I read many comments saying Lee Min Ho carbon-copied Jerry's Dou Ming Xi. Which is absolute BS of coz, even though he looks so much like Jerry from some angles in quite a lot of scenes. I think the casting director deliberately searched for someone who could make the MG fans reminisce about Dou Ming Xi so they'd get hooked too, along with the new viewers. It's politics.

Anyway, after I was told by one youtube commenter that it's "free country" when I told her to ...errrm, take a hike and don't bother to come back again if she doesn't like what she's watching (that was in the SRK fandom), I've learnt my lesson. It's that... internet is a place full of mirrors and the person typing is only one of the numerous reflections of the living, breathing person in front of the computer monitor. As long as the ripples don't spill out of the periphery into my physical and real life, I shouldn't let a hurtful barb wound me. And loving an idoru is all about being in bliss, so what is the point of being unhappy in a fandom? Everyone.. when the rating war starts in earnest, please learn to ignore comments from antis and live in your small ignorant world where Naoki-sama, or Seung-Jo, and his minions live on screen for a few months for the sole purpose of entertaining you.

Life is short. Enjoy it!

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