Saturday, July 31, 2010

Movie marathon: 3rd movie - Ninja Assassin

If you live in the Asian region and you've never heard of Rain, than you've been living under a rock for the past recent years. Recent as in.. mmm, as far as Full House, maybe? Or you're like hubby who doesn't know much about TV shows... of any kind.

I confessed. I went to the CD store to get Ninja Assassin and ended up coming back with the other 2 movies. I saved the best for last. Even with the aching head and watery eyes, I could hardly blink the entire movie duration. The ~ 2 hr CD became more than 3 due to the frequent rewinding. Which is why I can't watch movies in cinema.

You can sit in your comfortable living room watching this DVD and going.. "This movie sucks!" for all I care, but I have a thing for people who give their entire self to whatever it is they're working on... coz I'm the opposite of that... so what if the characterizations are flighty and you can't feel much for the people being hunted down by these 'shadows'?

If you start caring about stuff like that, you'll never be able to enjoy a fight movie. I have different criterias when watching movies, which is why I'm usually able to enjoy every movie I watch. If I don't enjoy them, I'll leave the moment I get bored. I don't watch until the end and then get on the net and write a scathing review on it for free. Someone has to pay me to do that sorta idiotic things.

Which part I like the most? When Mika goes to him with the keys and he says.. "Oh Mika, Mika.. I like you more and more". It sounds sexy spoken by an idoru who's all tied up to a woman kneeling in front of his crotch sweaty and bloody like that. The woman and his crotch both. I was only guessing about his crotch though, unfortunately. Oh, the self-healing stomach is pretty awesome too. I stopped eating during one of the bloodbaths, or else I'd probably be able to enjoy my meal more. I've never watched a wound closing up while gobbling spaghetti with beef before. Dang, I missed that chance.

Does blood really go up in a plentiful spray when cut by a sharp katana? Has this been tried on a willing, living subject, in a controlled environment at least, in order to study the effect? Fluid motion study for the sake of science... and cinema.

I want at least one role like this for hyung-chan. Hyung-ar... you'd better be able to get that 'killer' role you've been blabbing about in recent interviews one day. Although you've played one in that mini drama for "Let Me Be the One", but that guy inexplicably saves his supposed-victim's annoying girlfriend (any girl who gets to yank hyung's body part in a movie/drama/CF/whateva annoys me). Which means he's not psychotic enough.. geh. And I want fight scenes, kay! With nunchaku, if possible. Waaaaa.. hyung wielding nunchaku. I shiver just imagining it. True happiness comes from hopeful wishes like these~

Ahhhh.. just thinking about all the interesting movies hyung will be able to make in the future.. makes me happy to still be alive.

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