Monday, August 2, 2010

12012 - Wana

Just got my SEVEN cd... wo0t! Was quite surprised they're still together after more than 5 years so bought their newest cd to celebrate. This is the only band that made me purchase their cd despite not knowing or caring how they look like or how their personalities are. My friends gave me songs of theirs a few years back and after the gajillionth listen and still not getting bored of their music, I decided to buy an album.

They're still continuing their theme madness inside a human, unlike Gackt who 'made' me study his entire discography, PVs, photobooks, whatnots for TWO bleeding years despite having a dissertation to finish... and THEN announced that he's getting REBORN, which means he'll leave his lovely MOON PROJECT unfinished... arrrrrgh!!! I hate you, man! Although I still love your old songs coz your voice is so lovely in them, I doubt I'll touch your new works EVER!

Not that you'd care.. coz you're so busy with your dramas and theaters and oversea concerts (for what??) and who knows what else (seiyuu-work, game's voice actor, yada yada yada)... meh. Who needs old fans, right? Right.

I'll just leave Gackt in his self-fulfilling universe now and get back to 12012. Here's a favourite of mine. Watch it! lalalala...

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