Thursday, August 12, 2010

I wish the Mischievous Kiss shooting happened on my doorstep too!!

I like this fanboy's account of meeting hyung.. haha. Esp. the part where he wrote that hyung seems to have a halo or light beaming from behind him.

If a guy could experience that fast beating of the heart when meeting him, what about the rest of us fangirls? I think I will faint dead-away. Hmm, I doubt I'd unhesitatingly approach him anywhere like a lot of the fans do. If it were me, maybe I'll just watch from a distance *ish a cowardly stalker* :P

He is going for that BOF reunion thing in Japan... in his Naoki-sama's image!!! *faints from imagination overload* Aaaaaaaa.. want to go too!! Somebody wealthy, please sponsor me~

..hyung, suteki da yo. Hontou ni. How can someone be this good looking no matter what style he uses? There must be a look that he can't carry. But I like him even when he's supporting that rasta hairstyle. O well, I guess when it comes to hyung, I'm just a goner.. LOL.

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