Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mischievous Kiss (a.k.a. Playful Kiss) interviews are out!

... but no sub though.

This one has an English translation, but you have to go to the youtube page to read it in the description.

This is the "hopeless month" and "I shave my mustache 3 times a day" one... hope you get what I meant ^^;

I'll just forget all the high-strung comments about hyung's acting ability and enjoy ogling him to the fullest when the drama is released. Aaaaaaaa.. I wish I were living in Korea during the broadcast so I can contribute to the rating. I'd definitely force all my friends to tune in even if they'd just leave the TV on and go do something else instead.. hehe


...ok, have to go home now. The school is turning into a scary dark place and the surrounding mini jungle is full of playful monkeys.. eeeep.

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