Friday, August 20, 2010

The "Boys Over Flowers Reunion" official photos are out!

Wow.. the japanese site is doing such a good job! They're so fast with updates and goodies~

I like this hairstyle better than the other one..

So many of hyung's official products are released right after he entered Keyeast... ne? It's like salivating over GACKT's official products all over again and the feeling of frustration at my small budget... sono kanji.. haha. I'm so happy. The more products the company gives out, the more options I have on which one to buy.

Right now the one I can probably afford is the calendar & making DVD.Shall I buy that then? Aaaaaa... really want to buy a SS501 CD but now that they're scattered to the Four Winds, I dunno whether buying the CD will contribute to their commission anymore or not. I have an aversion of making some rich corporate types richer when I have so little budget to afford these things.

I wonder if hyung-kun will come out with a solo album at Keyeast one day. It's possible, right? Being a leader of SS501 doesn't mean he can't make his own music. I wish he'd return to his rocker root. I'm definitely looking forward to a rock album from him. Zettai happy ni naru kara ne!

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