Friday, August 20, 2010

Found it!!! Itazura na Kiss (Playful Kiss/Mischievous Kiss) Anime!

I just went on Google grumbling about how I've never found any good download site from that search engine whenever I type "manga download" but this time I struck GOLD~

Not manga.. but the anime! I think the Playful Kiss staff referred to this version more than the anime when they created the scenes because the looks and styles of hyung and his co-stars were compared to the anime characters in that youtube clip.. instead of the manga sketch.

Tanoshikatta~~ ..ep 1 is downloading merrily into my HD. Seeing how fast the MGIG team is downloading and subbing the ep.. I have high hopes that the PK team will be as fast, if not faster..woohoo! Go team PK!! (don't like this M-kissers abbv., hen na no)

Oh! Did you read about how Kim Hyun Joong became the TT on twitter last Thursday (or Friday, depending on where you live)? I couldn't participate coz... mmmm, excuses aside.. I completely forgot!! Gomen nasai, hyung-kun! I wanted to participate though... *sulks*

So I've decided that I'm going to participate in Baby's fan project when he comes here. I won't be able to go (the ticket is too expensive for me and I can't get leave from school *cries*) so I'll just send my photo instead. Hope Baby will keep fighting on like his hyung. Love SS. I wish Baby, Kyukyu and Young-chan will find their rightful places soon. Five together as ONE forever! *confetti*

Here's the link to the download site of Itarazu na Kiss anime. Please watch it so that you will have a better comparison for hyung's acting. I wish I could bonk every head that's comparing hyung to Joe Cheng whenever I read their comments, but I can't do that coz: a) I'm far away, b) I dunno who they are, and c) I'll probably do that too as soon as I get ISWAK and TKA CDs from my friends *gulp*

Happy watching!

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