Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Today! Today! It's today!

Of course it's about Mischievous Kiss being aired, why else would I go ballistic on a Wednesday? :P


I've started watching They Kiss Again (the Taiwanese drama, sequel to It Started with a Kiss). All because of this youtube clip:

...in fact, there's so much snogging in this drama the uploader had to split it into 3 files. Whaaa..? The honeymoon scene almost looks like soft porn. Or foreplay for hardcore action. Not that I know anything about hardcore porn action or anything.. *cough*

But it made me revise my initial impression of Joe Cheng from the 1st ep of ISWAK. The guy was seriously cute in short hair. And the expressions were spot on. Never thought I'd say this (was determined not to like Joe Cheng in ISWAK before I stumbled on TKA), but hyung is gonna face a serious competition with every fan of the series comparing between the two male leads. In some scenes, I even felt my loyalty slipping a few notches.. gomen nasai, hyung-kun!

And yes, male lead.. ok. I got confused when people questioned me on that. Or that he's the hero of the story. Why question it? Irie Naoki is the hero of Itazura na Kiss. Therefore, Kim Hyun Joong plays the hero of the korean drama adaptation, Baek Seung Jo. Simple equation, right? Meh.

Anyway, I find myself superimposing hyung's face on Joe Cheng's automatically in some scenes.. errrmmmm, mostly the kissing ones. Gyabo. Will Jung So Min get a lot of antis after this drama? Fellow fans, please don't go overboard with your adulation of Kim Hyun Joong. It's just acting, kay? If you can't stand them kissing, go superimpose your own face on Jung So Min/Oh Hani's in your head.. you'll feel much better~

I wonder if the scriptwriters are gonna include their married life in the korean adaptation. Seeing BOF turning a whole season of the lost-memory episodes in the Taiwanese drama into a coupla intense episodes that didn't even allow me to blink for fear of missing Yoon Ji Hoo's (cute) frustrated expressions.. I wonder how many episodes do they need to solve the married couple's life problems. I wonder which profession they'll give to Oh Hani.. teacher or nurse. I hope she gets to be a nurse. That's more exciting coz we'll get to see the couple together a lot more than if she's a teacher. Of course the fangirl in me just wants to see hyung in a white doctor coat hogging the screen time.. LOL.

Most of all, I wonder if hyung's gonna be doing a lotta snogging.. gyabo. Can't wait to watch it!!

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