Monday, August 2, 2010

Seo Taiji & Boys - Come Back Home

Bought this one with the 12012 cd. Because he's hyung's idoru so I thought I want to 'listen' to what he says... what is so powerful about his songs that they managed to move a whole generation? And made hyung run away from home for 6 months to pursue music? This is not the one with Ultramania though. I bought this one coz it says in wiki that the song Come Back Home literally made the runaway teenagers to 'come back home'. Ish an interesting descweeption. Not that I'd understand it, not knowing korean. I bought it without even previewing the song on the net. Coz I'm crazy like that.

You'll be listening to this as I'm listening to the cd on my way home from school. Have fun~

... I love ALL the songs! And I love his talking voice (it comes on in one of the songs.. maybe it's a recording from a live performance). He sounds warm and kind. Hypnotizing. Totally different voices at totally different times and songs. Seo Taiji is like a lovely kitsune! Esp. with his coloured hair.

Oh, I forgot to mention that he added 3 more tracks to the existing 10. How generous is that?? And all the songs were written by him, and he's the guitarist in most of them. Come Back Home is a remixed version in one of the extra tracks. Seo Taiji... SAIKO! (sumthg like.. 'amazing' in japanese)

I think I wanna buy more of his CDs. See how my budget is after this. Just got an sms from my sis asking for a laptop loan. Kids... buying laptop nowadays seems like buying popcorn to them, or sumthg.

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