Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mischievous Kiss (a.k.a. Playful Kiss) 3rd long preview

...waaa, so many expressions I have never seen from hyung-chan before. So glad he decided to become an actor. As a singer, us fans will never be able to share the many faces he can make.

I know many people think he's not good at acting in BOF and that he'll butcher Naoki-sama's image. But really, good acting is a matter of personal opinion, isn't it? I think hyung played Rui to perfection and Oguri Shun gave the worst Rui performance ever, but that runs contrary to many of Hanadan's fans. So let us be happy in our differences and stop bickering about it, okay?~

However, no matter what little skill in acting, and I can't be the judge of that coz I know nothing about acting...having never done any professional acting before, hyung always manages to convey the feelings of his characters through his eyes and expressions. Rui can be the quietest guy in F4, but we can always guess what he's thinking. When I watched the scene as Seung Jo looked at first Hani, then at the flasher.. I felt as if I could hear clearly what Naoki-sama/Seung Jo is thinking.

Maybe it's because hyung is such a straightforward guy, whenever he plays a character.. he can put across the emotions as clear as a bell to the audience. I think one day he should play a deceitful guy.. the kind where you think is good in the beginning but in the end is the mastermind of all the bad things happening in the movie/drama. That'll be cool. Good exercise in pretension.

I look forward to many many more movies and dramas from Hyun Joong-hyung. Work hard, stay healthy and keep fighting!! <3

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