Sunday, July 25, 2010

Introducing... my new obsession!!

He can change the placement of one strand of hair and he will look like a new version of himself.. still him, yet dissimilar. Depending on his stylist or make-up artist of the day, he can be mistaken for Akanishi Jin, Yamapi or Bae Yong Joon. I think he's like Marilyn Monroe... if she willed it, she could walk around her regular place and nobody would recognize her. And I think that's awesome. He's like a manga bishi character comes to life. I can hardly blink whenever he saunters into my screen.

Since I'm a serial monogamist, chances are this blog will be filled with news of him for the time being. We'll see how long this one will last. But then.. my obsession for SRK has not abated after more than a decade, and seeing that this other cute one is very much a unique person himself, I think I'll be following him for quite some time. It helps that youtube is full of him once I know where to look... lalalalala *happiness of the obsessed*

Even though he's much younger than I am, I think he's lived 5 times my lifetime.. at least. Which is why I call him 'hyung' despite me being older than he is. Very mature in thinking, flexible in decisions, caring despite appearing uncaring of other people, and those very unpredictable answers!!! So many conflicting traits wrapped up in a beautiful package... what not to like? I've always loved a flawed perfection. And now that I've found the epitome of it, I don't know how I can ever find someone else who can top this one. Maybe that next guy is still in his baby diapers?

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