Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Chinca yeol?

Just read a blog post that says:

"An idol group’s leader transferring to another agency on his own is an unprecedented case."

...even though I'm a very very new fan, even I know that if not for the love and trust the Triple S have in hyung, he'd be bombarded with antis by now and his new drama will be boycotted instead of supported wildly all over the net. I think hyung will say something about the future of the group officially as soon as he can do so. Saying anything now while he's still filming "Mischievous Kiss" may have an undesirable effect on everyone involved. But I did realize that even if SS can continue on, things will never be as they were before if everyone is scattered in God know's what agency.

That said, I also don't want them to end up like TOKIO or SMAP... being in an idoru group even when you're nearing 40. It just sounds... sad... for lack of a gentler word. If Seo Taiji had not broken away from his idoru group, would he have been where he is now? Idoru group is supposed to have a short shelf life as an idoru group. I like how Morning Musume works.. or how I think it works anyway. People get in, get known, gather fans, get launched, stay a few years to increase popularity, then kicked out of the nest to survive without their groupmates... to be replaced by a new member. Change is the only constant in life.

It's just that... it amazed me, no... shocked is more like it... when I knew hyung accepted the offer from an agency that is well-known for managing actors. The acting bug musta bit him hard during BOF. I thought, if he had wanted to change course, he'd try to get into a band where he can play his beloved guitar... never thought he'd choose acting. I guess he's really living his motto.. "Live life only once..blablabla" (can't remember)

But to me, it's more like fate that I 'met' him now rather than when he was active in SS. I've always had the tendency to 'follow' actors rather than singers or musicians. Hyung-chan starting to be actively involved in acting just when I'm beginning to get interested in him is a stroke of good fortune for me. I never worry about him not getting into music again. He's a workaholic.He's available for work even during Christmas holidays, come on. He'll find the opportunity to carry out musical activities. I'm more worried about the other SS members. I wonder what DSP is doing, dragging them along into an uncertain future. Are you re-signing them or aren't you? Altho... Hyung Jun was tweeting about buying furniture recently and three of them are reportedly going to appear in a short drama of some sort. So it must not be that catastrophic... mmmm, yet. Hopefully.

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