Friday, February 12, 2010

AVS Interview with Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol

I just left the cinema a few hours ago and already I'm itching to watch it again. I wish I don't have to go through the harrowing experience of watching it in a cinema for the 2nd viewing though (pls don't mind me, I probably have xenophobia-agoraphobia or something). I want to watch Rizwan again. I want to hear his monologues. I want to watch him being teased by Mandira. I want to watch his interactions with Sam. I want to watch that walk. O God! I love how he walks! I need to own this movie!!

Were there scenes missing? I thought they were cut out of the movie I watched this afternoon (by our censorship board??..but why??) when I watched the MNIK making of/promo/etc. clips: Kajol sitting alone at the table with a mug in front of her, Rizwan solving Rubik cube, Rizwan with "Need a Ride" placard, Rizwan chasing Mandira while Mandira runs away, both scenes where Rizwan is fascinated by that ornament thing, Mandira fighting with security over something, the soccer game where Rizwan is overjoyed (Sam's team won..I guess), there's a scene with Sam that just got from here to there not saying which coz don't want to give spoiler, if I'm not mistaken..the funeral scene at the bench never got to the close-up part, and the threesome scene on the bed.

God knows what else I'm missing, or maybe I just imagined they're missing coz I want to watch the movie again so much. I swear I didn't even blink..except for this 2 seconds when I had to switch off my handphone. (I swore that I felt murderous intent all around me ^^;). I need to buy the DVD, and this time I'm buying it from Amazon. I want everything..the making of, the deleted scenes, the complete movie. I don't want scissor-happy people at the censorship to get to it first. However, looking at Dharma-Red Chillies-Fox marketing plan, the DVD is probably gonna take awhile to come out..which is the main reason why I braved the cinema adventure in the first place. I know everyone is kinda gung ho over supporting Shah Rukh & co. and all, but I promise you..that never crossed my mind one moment when I decided to buy the ticket. I never do nerve-wrecking things for anyone but God and myself (in that order). Not even for hubby dearest and my parents, least of all a movie star I've never met..though I love him dearly. I'm selfish that way.. :P

I especially don't watch movies to make a political point. No, I don't. I leave that kind of grandiose gestures to the politicians.

So why did I watch the movie then? I watched it entirely because of my love for Shah Rukh and my preference for KJo's cinema. I'm okay with Kajol, as long as she acts alongside Shah Rukh..or else I generally don't watch her movies (sorry, I'm a single-track minded individual). Do you know? (Rizwan would have answered, "I don't" immediately.. LOL) After watching KKHH for 20+ times, K3G for 6+ times, KANK for 4+ times and now MNIK.. I think I've acquired a feel for KJo's cinema. I could also sense the style in which Shah Rukh directed all the action sequences: KKHH (1st basketball), KANK (soccer match), and now MNIK (UCLA). I love their works so much!

Book your ticket now if you haven't already. And remember, movies are to be felt and enjoyed..not analysed and dissected. Leave that to professional critics. They get paid to do that job. Leave the speculations of profits and losses to the trade pundits. They get paid to do that job. We're the audience, some are fans..some are not. We should only watch it and like..or dislike. Don't need to bother about nothin' else. Have fun at the movie!

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