Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ok, I cracked. But how could I resist it when there's a fresh new 'mini' controversy right out of the oven!

One of the many articles I stumbled upon on the subject (not to mention several forum arguments against the machine.. but of course governments, in whichever country we're living in, are smarter than the people who've elected them and won't listen to any contradicting opinion)

As I have commented in a previous post.. Shah Rukh, the lovely star whom I love so much and who's so down-to-earth and humbleness itself.. has this great ability to generate controversy with the slightest remark. It's a curse! Or a blessing! Either way, the BAA is tripping all over itself to prove that Shah Rukh LIED in Wossy's show on the body scanner thing.

Yep, I can so totally see how the body scan CAN'T be "stored digitally nor distributed to anyone in any form". Right. Next, they'll call up Shah Rukh and ask him to clarify that there is no such incident and that it was all a BIG FAT LIE. Guys.. it's called a JOKE?! If Shah Rukh has truly autographed that thing, won't it be circulating the net by now? Come on.. us gals (and many of the guys, I bet) would trip over ourselves trying to download it. Those airport staff would have made millions of dollars from the sale.

(The fact that the BAA people're so nervous about it smells like something's burning in the kitchen. They'd better take better care of the buns next time)

Note: I think I need to install a new label/tag in my blog called "controversy". That label is becoming more and more a necessity as Shah Rukh's popularity gets bigger. I mean, it's not every movie star who can have the assurance of an entire state police to guard the security of the cinemas screening his film. What with it happening in the backdrop of several parties trying to gain visibility for the coming election, he is almost always at the right place & at the right time (or is it the opposite?) that it's eery when I think about it.

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