Thursday, February 11, 2010

Omi's Korner: Chapter 4 - I wanted to close this issue yesterday..

..but it seems things are getting worse over in Maharashtra. Read that multiplexes and single screen cinemas are canceling the opening of My Name is Khan due to severe violence of the Shiv Sainiks (see, I'm a Malaysian and even I know what a Sainik is now).

For those who still think Shah Rukh should apologize to the Shiv Sena, two things I want you guys to clarify: 1. What is the portion in his statement over at "India Questions" in NDTV should he apologize for? (or have you even watched it at all? If you haven't, then SHUT UP!), 2. Tell him the exact words as a way of retracting any portion of his statement that you think he has to say.

What is happening to MNIK in Mumbai has gone way beyond Shah Rukh himself now. I doubt anything he says from hereon will change anything. Now the Shiv Sena is trying to ruin his reputation by saying that he actually wanted to meet Bal Thakeray to apologize but was stopped by the Congress from doing so. Tell me, what idiots will believe this piece of shizzy reporting?

I have read many things on Shiv Sena. It's like a 3-day crash course on Indian politics for me. Wish I paid this much attention to Malaysian politics, but ours is more subtle and covert (too many read-between-the-lines stuff, too taxing for my smallish brain) while Indian politics is so in-your-face, so the latter is easier to digest and formulate an opinion on. Well, that's my opinion after the crash course anyway.

I completely understand what Shah Rukh meant by the "non-issue" now. Actually, the light dawned on me after reading this speech by a Sainik (source):

“Why should Amitabh be spared? If Saheb [Bal Thackeray] orders us, we will protest against him, too.”

That question, uttered so matter-of-factly, eerily invokes in my mind images of Frankenstein.. that big dumb physically powerful monster who would do anything to please its master. Does it matter that Shah Rukh said anything at all? It sounds like, whenever this monstrous entity is ordered to destroy anyone or anything, it will not inquire on the why and the what. Far be it for me to look down on how other state or other country should be governed, I mean.. we do have the scenario of goons in the payroll of politicians here too, I'm not that naive to believe everything is hunky dory in my country..  but what's happening in Mumbai, actually..the entire Maharashtra, I have no word for it. That everybody seems so powerless is completely beyond my understanding.

We chose your leaders. We are partly at fault for what's unfolding in our respective state, our respective nation. To sit in front of our TV monitors and go "Tsk, tsk..what is the world coming to," at the sight of goons vandalizing public property on the instigation of leaders we ourselves have elected in the previous election is irresponsibility of the highest degree. Putting the blame entirely on the shoulder of one person is the height of indolence. Today the goons have stopped you from going to watch a movie you've excitedly waited many months for. What will they stop you from doing (or even saying) tomorrow?

The power of the people is in the decisions each of us makes regarding our rights as a countryman. Exercise it prudently.


  1. I agree we should not have elected a congress govt to spare Afzal Guru and now kasab! what u fail to understand being Malaysian is that there is alot of ground support for SS which you wont see while watching the congress fed media. secondly we want the gay khan to retract what he said..and that is pakistan is a great neighbor..and I welcome them with open arms!

  2. Please give a name when you comment here next time so I know I'm conversing with a human and not a blogbot ^^;

    So you're saying that the SS has a strong support at grassroot level? That the majority of Maharashtrians support the vandalism of public properties and threats on people's well-being to get what they want and to prove a point? Then I say the supporters, that includes you..maybe?, deserve every bit of whatever they're going through over there, now and in the future. But what about the ones who do not support the SS? Do they deserve to be hurt just because they want to watch movies by their favourite actors? What about the theater owners who just want to make a living showing whatever movies they think will bring in some livelihood to feed their families? Are the SS ideologies so correct and righteous that if the common people need to be sacrificed to serve them.. then so be it?

    See, we Malaysians actually have this uncomfortable experience with our neighbour not so long ago. There was a "Ganyang Malaysia" campaign by a group of Indonesians not long ago where they appear on TV news with sharp bamboos and declare 'war' against us over a very simple issue that's not even our doing. We also have so many problems regarding illegal immigrants from Indonesia here: robbery, rape, murder. But see, I have good friends who are Indonesians. The people who help me the most in my study are Indonesians. I've been there. The country is really lovely and the people are really warm & helpful. My grandparents came from Indonesia. I will definitely say Indonesia is a good neighbour to have, no one can make me say otherwise. I will definitely say I welcome with open arms Indonesians who come here with good intentions. And I know of cases where Malaysians committed horrible crimes in Indonesia too. Historically, Malaysia and Indonesia will always be inseparable.. educated intelligent people just have to work out a way for the two countries to co-exist despite our differences, that's all. And I see what's happening to India and Pakistan with empathy because of this background and this belief.