Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Kajol - On SRK in MNIK

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Shah Rukh Khan has said that having Kajol as a co-star has no parallels. She inspires him by the interest she takes in his work. Even when Johar has okayed a shot, she whispers into his ear that Shah Rukh could do better.

"She wishes greater success for Karan and me," Shah Rukh had said. "She is more concerned for us than for her own self. You don't find many human beings like Kajol."

She, in turn, says that working with fine artists, stars and character artists, enhances her own performance. She is always awed by the pains Shah Rukh takes to make his role realistic. He hasn't received the fullest credit he deserves for doing so, she adds.

"After I have read the script, I am wired to the film," she continues. "I imagine how someone like me would behave in a particular situation. I depend a lot on the director to put me in the right place. But Shah Rukh does thorough research about his role."

Having worked with SRK in several films, she feels he is one of the few actors in the Hindi film industry who understands well what his role is -- and what the roles of his co-artists are.

"Working with him means I am not thinking of something else, and inadvertently confuse myself. We never felt while working together that we are working on two different films. We are always on the same page in any film, especially with this one."

Kajol also says she discovered a new SRK in My Name Is Khan. "On the first day of the shoot itself, it was obvious we were seeing a totally different actor," she says. Though he is a versatile actor, some of his mannerisms stand out, she pointed out. "But in this film he had become Rizwan Khan from the very first day. I had never expected how real Shah Rukh would be in this role. I was stunned seeing the transformation. Rizwan Khan is his biggest triumph as an actor."

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