Monday, February 8, 2010

When is it gonna be released in Malaysia?? *waits impatiently*

(someone posted in the forum)
Just back from the Mumbai Fox office after watching portions of the final edit of My Name is Khan. Fox guys were really keen whether the $16 million they spent in buying the rights are justified? The answer is a resounding yes. This film is gonna blow away mainstream Hollywood if properly marketed. Shah Rukh Khan is in the role of his lifetime and as Rizwan Khan, he is in his best performance ever. Kajol is at her usual best and the chemistry between the leading pair is something to die for. The climax is the crux of the movie, and the 2nd half is so compelling that people will just stand up and give a standing ovation to the maker, Karan Johar. Shibani Bathija needs to be credited for such an awesome screenplay, and Ravi Chandran\'s cinematography gives the film an international look. The theme is tailor made for North America, and as I already mentioned, if marketed properly, this one has potential to gross $20-30 million in North America alone. Having said that, being primarily a love story, it has all the right items to hit the Indian box office. Due to the lead pair coming back after 10 years, the hype in India is inexplicable.




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