Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Now all the girls in the audience are gonna come to this promo event wearing full bridal attire.. :P

The 20-year old Tillana Desai has started a trend. How many girls are Shah Rukh gonna marry in his next promo destination? :P

That said, I think Shah Rukh is truly brave to have gone through this. I think.. with lesser men.. they would have panicked when being surrounded by very VERY passionate girls all wanting to marry them. Remember The Bachelor?

But girls, however excited you are, please be careful not to pull any of his appendages. They're quite sensitive.. since most of them have gone through some sorta surgery. Yes, yes.. I have my serious face on while writing this.

To all the girls who got to marry Shah Rukh Khan.. CONGRATULATIONS!! I'm genuinely happy for you. May you have a happy wedded life. Had I been a cuter, more courageous and less shy person.. I would have loved to be on that stage singing "tujhe dekha to ye jaana sanam" to him and asking him to marry me too.

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