Thursday, February 11, 2010

My name is Ami, and I'm not a terrorist..

What felt like a long time ago, I wrote here how I've always believed that there's so much more to Shah Rukh Khan than any of his current crop of directors have envisioned for him. And maybe coz I'm psychic, I included a reference to the Rainman in another old post during one of my fits of angst againts critics of Shah Rukh's acting style. Those two posts flashed through my mind, along with a jumble of other thoughts while I was watching MNIK. That Shah Rukh was awesome in it is an understatement. And it made it all the more disappointing not to be able to watch it for the first time alone in my living room where I can run to the TV monitor and glompz it every time I'm touched by his performance, which is usually like every 2 minutes. Then to rewind the scene a 2nd and third time with the screen 2 inches from my face while sobbing hysterically. (ok, the secret's out now)

I'm never ever going to go watch Shah Rukh's movies in the cinema again. When I get the DVD, I'll wipe off all my memory connected to this movie and watch it again as if it were the first time.

The list of things of what I don't like about going to a cinema is quite long. I brought a pillow (which I never got to use coz I was too embarrased) and a box of tissues (which is an essential for a KJo film, thanks for the heads up Farah!) for preparation. I bought breakfast but was too much in a hurry to eat it (I get nervous when I go to a new place so I always want to be there as early as possible). The tank was nearing zero coz I forgot to fill up the gas the day before, and I forgot to go to a petrol station on the way coz I was too much in a daze trying to remember the way to the shopping mall housing the cinema hall. When I got there, I had to go round and round with my empty stomach tying up in knots trying to find parking, and at last I parked at a smelly back alley. My (very favourite) jeans are too long and I had to walk on my toes to avoid all the yucky rubbish strewn all over the small path before I could reach civilization. I walked all over the mall trying to find the cinema coz I didn't want to look stupid asking for direction from anyone in the shops. The A&W where I bought my expensive breakfast from is more of a slow food joint than a fast one, and the girl at the counter was so unfriendly despite the smile she stuck on her face the entire time she was taking my order. It was 2 minutes before the cinema started so I couldn't even eat it. I told the counter ticket guy that I've never been to this particular cinema before so could he please explain to me what the numbers on my ticket are (wonder what he thought of me ^^;). And I had to watch some advertisements and promo of Rajneeti for some 15 minutes, all the while fuming to self about how there was actually enough time to eat the burger I bought (oh, btw.. Katrina reminds me of Sonia Gandhi..mesmerizing). After the movie was over, I went out and had to walk a long way to the parking coz I got lost in the mall. I hate walking amidst strangers, I feel so unsafe. Kept glancing about worrying that someone would snatch my knapsack. And I got lost driving back home too. For your info, I've driven through the same road more than a dozen times before. But that's just me, I guess.

Were you expecting a review of the film? Tough! You just have to go to a cinema near you to watch it. I went through some hardships to go there and coming home was not a piece of cake either, so why should you be spared? All good things come to those who make an effort and all that blah.

What are you waiting for?? Go and watch MNIK today!

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