Saturday, February 13, 2010



On shooting a love story in America with a backdrop of terrorism

SHAH RUKH: I have shot several films in America. This film needed to be made in America. The only feeling I had was that it was cold in LA> I used to say to Karan (during the shoot) “Why are we here?” - its very important for the look of the film. Because he has travelled right across America but we shot in an around LA and even in Mumbai where we had a beautiful set. I will be very honest, we didnt have an agenda/issue to make a film but we had a very strong feeling to make an entertaining film. There is glamour in the film ; but it is in a different set pieces. Will we be able to tell you the story we want to tell you in an entertaining way? I did a lot of research on Aspergers and religion so that we dont say the wrong thing. Whenever an incident of such proportion happens which is not good for mankind its going to affect a person in Indonesia, India...its the buterfly effect The film is about the effect on two people - how real lives are affected by people who are not involved in any which way. we never went in with an agenda...
There is a beautiful line in this film (without giving away the story!) “Mankind has measured time in BC and AD ..” a third way has been added now ...pre/post 9/11. Its a sad comment but it exists and we need to address an issue if we believe in it and thats how I felt.

On being stopped at Newark Airport in August - a publicity stunt?

SHAH RUKH: (laughs) Kajol and I tried when coming out from New York. We saw them and said “arrest us, Arrest us!”
KARAN: Oh yes and Obama is on my speed dial!

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