Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Check out SRK unveils environment friendly car

The newest video is out! Shah Rukh said thank you to Delhi for turning out in such a large number LOL~ ..of course they did! He tweeted about it, didn't he? (but he said i20. Must have been a typo). A coupla minutes ago, his followers are 45,631..that's around KJo's number..and he's been around for about a year already. Shah Rukh has been in twitterverse for only about 4-5 days hehe.

I could just imagine the reporters scrambling to get the address in which he was doing the unveiling :P fave moment is when he told the reporters to calm down (to shut up is more like it LOL). Life has alwiz been happy and amusing in SRKland. And if there's sadness, we'll counter that with laughter and faith in tomorrow's shining sun!

Happy watching~
SRK unveils environment friendly car

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