Thursday, January 7, 2010


Though, I have to say that this is not as dramatic as the paused clip in the Making of Koyla. That one made me cringe so much, and I could almost hear the crunching of his kneecap on impact with the floor.

Still, Shah Rukh has always been particular about his one biggest nightmare: That someone would cut off his arms. The shoulder injury, altho much less severe than the back injury he suffered, must have given his senses such a jolt that he was willing to take more than half a year break for it. If you remember, he went right back to the set of Main Hoon Na after his back operation..hanging on a crane & doing all sorts of crazy actions.

..oh, a trivia is in order. Didja know that there's a "Spinal Implant Removal Kit" out there that's called SRK?? Here's the device looks horribly gory, duncha think? *shudders*

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