Friday, January 8, 2010

@iamsrk is LOVE personified! (longass post alert)

Been reading twitter search for replies to Shah Rukh's tweets (they're very amusing. I recommend reading them as a time pass activity).. and I think they missed the most obvious explosive fact about his explosively revealing twitter picture. Such a lukewarm response.. I could hardly believe it. Are you gals trying to look cool and macho on tweets or what?? Coz that's like.. soooo boring.

He's showing you what you've been asking for since 2007, gals (and guys?)!! Come on! React more enthusiastically to it! He's gonna take it off (not his pants, I meant that pic) and replace it soon, so this is the only chance you have to ogle it..really. I doubt he's gonna show that type of picture again on his twitter account.

Me? The part of my brain that contains concentrated fangirl matter nuclearrifically exploded. I was reduced to a blushing, gibbering wreck..dem you, you too-sexy-for-your-shirt-that-you-had-to-eat-it-for-supper, soon-to-be-45-year-old man candy! Grrrr... for the next hour everywhere I looked, I saw the twittpic floating around me like Tinkerbell on ice and had to severely rebuke myself to stop giggling already (yes, I giggled and scolded myself aloud.. no one was home so I managed to avoid getting committed to a mental institution). I had to leave my comp for some time after I went berserk over that pic to go do some house duties and every ticking second, I felt sick in my gut..worrying that the pic will be gone by the time I get back on twitter before I could save it. I'm sick, I know. 

Actually, I was expecting a picture of him with his reading spectacles on, lounging on his couch at home surrounded by a clutter of books and staring out at the camera as the background. And the twittpic would be just his face in close-up smiling at us. Pretty mild and dull imagination, huh? I have to say, when it comes to creativity, Shah Rukh does it much much better than most of us could ever think of.. no matter how much money he has in the banks.

Okay, I've never commented about his tweets here before. My brain was pending for several days over teh awesome, wonderful fact that Shah Rukh is in twitterverse.. and so am I, and I'm following his tweets, and he's telling me things straight from his own mind & fingers *cough*, and I don't have to get those thoughts through a 3rd party (media) anymore.. that I couldn't form a coherent macro review. But here it is now:

Hey! He didn't write his tweets in CAPITALS! (but now everything is in small letters, including people's names.. LOL)

I love the way Shah Rukh always throws out issues/questions that 'force' you to respond with your own views on them (plus a quotable quote at the end). None of the celebs I follow (I only have those from the hindi cinema in my list) do this so regularly. Once or twice, yeah.. but not every time. For example, aside from the usual personal updates..OMG! personal updates from Shah Rukh!! *whacks hyper self* ..okay, I'm calmer now.. today's (or yesterday's?) tweets have 2 stuff going on: Money vs. Creativity & the state of the Indian hockey team. I can't comment on the latter, but the former certainly milked around 10 tweets from me.

And he sounds just like.. I dunno how to put this.. just like a regular guy. Just like a regular but somehow quite interesting guy you happened to stumble upon on twitter and felt like following. There's not even a whiff of "hey, I'm Shah Rukh and I'm too cool for my fans and media" or "look at me! look at me! I'm Shah Rukh Khan!" or promo lines like "My movie's coming out on Feb 12th, catch it yo!" x1000000000 yet to be found. Just him and his struggle with uploading his twittpic (which alwiz made me go.. awwww.. Karan, help the poor boy out!), his thoughts on some not-so earth-shattering but nonetheless interesting concerns, his good nights & I love yous, his updates on his oh-what-a-normal home life, his apologies for the late updates, his plea for us to understand that he can't reply to all of us individually. 

I feel like I'm slowly falling in like (love is just a round the corner, I'm sure *cough*) with a real human being, instead of just the Shah Rukh Khan persona I've been obsessing over in movies, interviews, ads, whatnots. 

On the issue of replying to fans.. you know your twittID will be front page news if you become the second person Shah Rukh replies to in his tweets, right? Are you sure you're ready for that kind of spotlight? Barkha Dutt is a public figure, and so is everyone he's following (except The Onion, who's not a person..obviously, duh) so it's okay for them to be showered with so much attention. Think before you ask for it so desperately. You may not like what you'll get if what you asked for is granted. Btw, Priyanka was the 2nd person he replied to, just that the guy only mentioned her name, not her twittID. I think he learnt the lesson from seeing how much attention the media paid to his @bdutt tweet. Or maybe he just (conveniently) forgot how to do it the twitter way.. :P

I'm very clear about my tweets to Shah Rukh. He receives..what? 5-7k worth of tweets a day, and my 6 tweets are needed to make up that bulk. That's all. I doubt he's gonna pause at my tweets and, what a terrifically interesting bunch of tweets! Who's this terrifically interesting person with a cartoon character I've never seen before as his/her twittpic? I must click her twittID and find out who he/she is! Maybe I'll even stalk his/her terrifically interesting self later, coz following him/her will put him/her in my 'follow' list and he/she'd be massacred by some terrifically immature twittfans in my dunno-how-many-billion-fans-populated fandom. Gimme a break. Have you ever tried going through more than 4,000 tweets (with like 33% of those being just retweets) every day? Even with his speed-reading skill, he'll never manage. And the guy is only one of the busiest, most hard-working guys on the planet.. who's just won Best Actor in an award ceremony btw.. with 2 growing kids and reporters chasing him for interviews at every corner (altho he's too polite to tell us that when he apologized for being late in updating). Like, dudes & dudettes.. he'll read your tweets when he reads them? ..kthxbai.

(Off-topic: Rahul Khanna just gave me a smile in DM.. yeay!! I'm grinning so much right now..hehe)

The twittpic deserves a separate post. I need to enshrine it here for my ogling purpose.

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  1. Very well said... I find it very strange that people get so upset that SRK hasn't personally replied to their tweets. I'm like 'Hello??? You're only one in thousands!' I love his tweets... like you said, we are getting glimpse of a real guy... and it's wonderful!