Thursday, January 7, 2010

If you're allergic to Salman Khan, avoid this video. He's in too many frames~

..anyway, I always like to observe Shah Rukh everytime he's on stage or on-screen with another hero(es). Don't you think he always goes quieter? Even his body language slows down to a minimum when the other heroes are talking/doing their stuff..except when he's expected to perform. It's fascinating to watch.

I really don't get it when people say he's arrogant. He's the most respectful person in an entertainment industry I have ever encountered. All his crass jokes were confined to his Filmfare hosting stints with Saif, and even then he's usually told the nominees who're gonna be mentioned. He's talked about 'destroying' Aamir Khan from the time he starred in his earliest movies, so his competitive nature is nothing new. I have no idea why the media makes such a big deal out of it even now.. it's all talk with him. When he's with the stars he's 'in competition with', he's always the politest, most appreciative person in the lot.

I love it that he knows what he's got, he knows what he wants, and he knows where he's going (or appears to know, anyway). And I love it that he appreciates his fans so much, coz I'm one of them..even though we've never come face-to-face and perhaps never will. But even across such a far away distance, we can feel his love and appreciation. It's a lot of fun being his fan. I'm always entertained, and I think that's what he always tries so hard to do anywhere he goes and in anything he does/says.. to entertain, and to see people smile for him and with him.

..eeep, I'm getting mushy on a Friday morning. Maybe coz it's raining so heavily outside and I'm kinda sleepy. Don't want to go to work~~~

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