Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Need a change..

Must be coz I'm getting old. The tiny letters of that blog format are starting to get on my nerves, so I dumped it for a new one. Now it's very minimal, coz I dunno know how to edit html, and stretches on to forever (or at least up to the limit of your monitor). Can't believe how much everything is emphasized when there's a white background as support.

Shah Rukh promised us some pictures yesterday but he couldn't give them this morning.. so the pictures (picture?) have to wait until tomorrow. The fail whale appeared several times during the course of the chat.. haha. The 'airwave' must be jammed due to our humongous tweeting activity. It's a GIANT CHAT ROOM!! Now the rate has increased to more than 60 tweets/sec. Cool..

I've abandoned the disheartening feeling of never having Shah Rukh read anything I write and just tweet for all its worth. Just do it!! I think the only time he has to actually sit and read whateva's in his twittbox is during these live sessions, so I'll be positive about it. I hope y'all be positive about it too and stop asking him to reply to you every 2 seconds or babbling about how he's never gonna read your tweets..yada yada yada (yes, I have the twitter search page turned on 24-7 and laid side-by-side to his). Don't waste your time with that kinda garbage when it's your (only?) opportunity to communicate with him...ON (almost) A DAILY BASIS.

(I love how he ordered Karan Johar around on twitter :P *ish amused*)

Have to go to school now.. my carriage awaits! (and 'the driver' has been poking me every 2 seconds to get ready ^^;;)


  1. Enjoying your blog and your updates on Twitter :D You're absolutely right about the tweeting thing! Yesterday I was just randomly posting song/tweets to him with little scribbles like "it's embarrassing, but you're not gonna read it anyway", but he totally did! And even tweeted about it....
    Now I'm positive that he reads all our crazy tweets :DD

  2. Are you Anishok on twitter? Hi!!! :D

    OMG.. that was you?? I was going..huh, song tweet? Coz it was so random the way he wrote about it. Now I'm so jealous!!! \(^o^)/

    ..he hasn't answered my 1001 question-filled tweets yet but I don't care (ok, I lied. I do care, but in a nice, non-obsessed way..if u know what I mean). Just the fact that I get to see the stuff HE HIMSELF writes appearing like magic in front of me (I use hootlet and it refreshes the page every 2 min) as I sit there in the wee hours of the morning (it's usually 6-7am in my country when he gets online) is.. mind-blowing!! I still feel like I should pinch myself or something everyday..coz it feels surreal :P

  3. Yeah, it's me :D Hi! (forgot to mention who I am)

    And I'm sure he'll answer you one day...because he actually reads our crazy tweets (which I was sure he didn't). I totally get what you're saying about caring in a non-obsessed way :D
    And it's usually 3-4 am in my's turning us into night owls.

  4. I think his schedule is gonna get more erratic as he gets busier with MNIK, IPL and the Miami Ra-1 shoot. I've already missed the chat session a few times this week.. T___T