Friday, January 15, 2010

Omi's Korner - Chapter 1

I have to say, starting this corner with Karan Johar bears good omen for the endeavour. I absolutely love KJo.. he's so sweet! And Shah Rukh said in an interview with Rajeev Masand that a lot of relationships (in Bollywood?) go through Karan. That's like saying the guy is the Keeper of Secrets for the PTBs in hindi cinema..right? Cool.

I dunno how to link up specific tweets as reference. Is that even possible? Anyway..following Karan's tweets is such a delight. He's always coming up with exclusive stuff on MNIK. On Jan 14th, Shah Rukh tweeted us the link to the international promo.. just a bit later than KJo did. So most of us obsessed fans have already seen it, and told him so. Poor boy :P still waiting for that exclusive stuff he promised us. When Shah bhai?? When?? Hmm...

Yesterday, KJo gave us the link to the Tere Naina 30 sec promo. O my.. any SRK fan who's not excited about this movie after watching it, you'd better go to a doctor and check your hormon level. That haircut scene was so charged it could power up my whole country (we're much smaller than India). I dunno why KJo didn't say anything about this new "K Korner" thing he's got going in NDTV, but apparently some youtubers are already up in arms screaming how dare he for saying that it'll be the last time Shah Rukh & Kajol will be together on screen.

Come one dudes & dudettes.. look at how long he tried to bring them together this time.. 8 bleeding years! Shah Rukh and Kajol are already wearing reading spectacles by the time they started filming MNIK and KJo's long been sporting grey hair. And I think KJo, who's such a worrier that I wonder how he's managed to keep all his hair intact all these years, is not really confident that he can give them another story that matches the brilliance of MNIK in the future. He really looks up to those two professionally, even though he's bullied a lot by them in his personal life. But even the bullying comes bundled up together in the warmest love and respect. Plus, it's a brilliant marketing strategy.. duh?

My Name Is Khan will be the cornerstone of hindi cinema..not only in the kind of ideas it wants to put across, but in the way it's marketed all over the world. There're people out there who still don't understand, or unwilling to accept, the significance of DDLJ and KKHH to the hindi film industry. If you're not there with us to experience the bang MNIK is gonna'll be missing out on something phenomenal. And that's a promise.

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