Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Twitterverse update..

Is this twitter update thingee's gonna be a regular feature here in my blog?? Lemme channel my inner tweet and confirm it.. ha! I'm sorta addicted big time with that social networking site now.. demmit. I registered to follow Karan Johar (coz I genuinely like him, and reading bits of SRK updates was a bonus) but since Shah Rukh is in twiverse as well, I doubt I can leave.

Reading other fans' tweets (and mine) made me wonder.. what kinda face he makes while reading them? Expressionless, I bet. The kind of face he reserves for listening to story narrations from directors.. LOL. I think his unfeeling(picked up this word from his interview)-ness about certain things that can affect people so greatly is the reason he can go ahead and "Just Do It!" ..something I can surely learn to emulate in my work life (and personal too..with some relatives).

What was the point of this post, again? Oh yes. He changed his background pic today.. way da go Shah Rukh! You rock, man! *phewitt* Now it's this:

Karan looks so gay. Hey.. why are you frowning at my post like that? Stop it! I meant gay as in 'cheerful' okay! But I do think something suspicious is going on with this red theme. In that MNIK press conf, it's Shah Rukh with his red-rimmed spectacles and Kajol too.. with the red-bordered saree. Oh, Karan also had that red collar for him during the conf. And now this picture turned up, courtesy of Shah Rukh, with Karan wearing a (very classy) pair of red-rimmed sunglasses. What's up with that? Ish curious coz I'm anal like that.

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