Saturday, January 30, 2010

The brilliance of Shah Rukh Khan

You can learn many things about him in this clip.. which you will have to probably unlearn come the next clip.. :P
  • The eyes of the people in the audience positively shone with anticipation during the whole act.
  • Shahid could do nothing but trail behind His Highness.
  • When Shah Rukh is after something, he's relentless. You either face him bravely or back out entirely.. the art of meeting halfway is lost on this guy.
  • I've never seen anyone who could handle a potentially explosive interview as suavely, entertainingly and positively as Shah Rukh has done here. I'd like to see someone else tries it.. ha!
  • Members of the film industry is very VERY lucky that Shah Rukh is firmly on THEIR side. Imagine someone like him running amok as a full-fledged member of the journalistic media...
  • He effortlessly turned an embarrassing memory filled with scornful sneer into one full of laughing camaraderie. Did he actually set out to accomplish this or did it happen accidentally? With Shah Rukh, one can never really tell. 

I can't imagine the Bollywood scene without Shah Rukh in it. He has permeated every corner of my memory that has anything even remotely to do with Bollywood. Throughout the 90s he carried hindi cinema almost single-handedly on his shoulders, spilling his love all over the place even outside of his home country while he was at it. Despite so many attempts to undermine all his effort, he's shouldered through the bad times that come with the good as we entered the new millenium. I hope his shoulders are as tough as ever.. tougher in fact, since he's bionic now.. 20-30-40 years in the future. Will I still be here as his silent witness? Only time and fate will tell.

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