Friday, January 15, 2010

Gossip of the day, week, or wheneva..

Inspired by Filmigirl's gossip posts/columns.. I think I'm going to emulate that style in my blog. Difference is mine will always be related to anything Shah Rukh. It's not difficult to fill up the pages coz basically 99.99% of what's going on in Bollywood has a connection with him, however tenuous it is.

I've decided to do this coz I'm tired of going around reading sporadic posts on him. I just want to collect all of them under one BIG heading and be done with it, and in the process..have fun blabbing about them. But be warned that this will be the end of my 'no talking about movie stars other than Shah Rukh in my OMBOLLYWOOD blog' rule (which I conveniently broke once in a blue moon when I felt like it) coz it's impossible not to talk about them when you're gossiping, isn't it?

With Shah Rukh, the gossips can span several years, so be prepared to read cobweb-y, rusty stuff I dragged out of the pile in order to make a point. Just bear with me, kay? You guys are welcome to join the fray, but pls don't post anything rudely personal to any of the other givers of comments, no matter whose fans you are. This is MY blog, and I'm the only goonda allowed in the ring I want everyone to be nice to each other, and to me especially.. kay?

I'm calling it my Omi's Korner. It's a combination of Om (for the blog), Ami (my name, duh) and K coz his name is Khan.. get it? No? Why not?? It sounds like some cheesy coffee shop thing? Ack.. okay.. I'm not good with names.. so whateva.

What am I waiting for?! Let's start, shall we?

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