Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hoshiz.. Shah Rukh is on Twitter!!&*%#*&111!!!??!

My face is red. I can't believe I'm blushing just from getting all excited over finding him on twitterverse.

I did wonder how long it will take the tech-savvy Shah Rukh to get on that medium when the rest of his cohorts have been jumping into the bandwagon. I mean, Karan is always going on in his tweets about persuading this and that person to be his twitter buddy that it's pretty impossible for Shah Rukh to escape his radar.

I would not have believed it were him either were it not for Priyanka sounding the gong for the rest of us to take notice, and Pree has thousands and thousands of followers. Karan promoted it too in his very recent tweet. I bet the reaction is rather slow from the media coz Shah Rukh started this revolution on a Sunday. Typical.. :P

I'm sort of shaking a bit right now, trying to reign in the screams. I want to jump around, but am at the lab (on a Sunday..uhuh). So have to control my unmachoness, at least until I get back home.. dunno when yet.

Gyabo.. be calm my furiously beating heart.

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