Friday, January 15, 2010

Omi's Korner - Chapter 2

Why do good things always come in three's? There's Shah Rukh-Kajol-KJo, and then there's Shah Rukh Khan-Salman Khan-Aamir Khan. Even the Bacchans come in as a power of three (Jaya auntie doesn't count coz she's not actively acting anymore).

I think the top stars held some kinda secret meetings end of last year and decided that for 2010, they're all gonna be praising each other's movies and attending each other's premieres.. starting with Paa and ending in MNIK, I think. Kites is in a different league coz Hrithik, who once was always pitted againts Shah Rukh, has managed to steer clear of the confrontation with the sheer power of his iron will (with no help from Papa Roshan, thank you very much). 
  • It all started when Big B blew a huge honk over at his residence in  that he had invited Shah Rukh and Aamir to his premiere (what, no Salman?)
  • Everyone (except non-moronic people like me) waited with baited breath to see Shah Rukh, Aamir and Amitabh in the same frame, but alas.. Aamir was too importantly busy to watch other star's movie until the end credit.. saying, "As Mr Bachchan had invited me, so I came to attend the premiere," ..yeah, whateva. I think the commentator said it (1:42 - 1:60) better than I ever could.
  • Which left us with Shah Rukh's magnanimously sweet and humble presence..and that's how I like it anyway. Infact, Shah Rukh took it further when he asked for extra passes for his family! Love the way he just went.. "this is boring talk~" at the reporters when they started asking him about the non-feud between him and Aamir. You rock my sox, sir!
  • Then it's time for 3 Idiots. And Shah Rukh came to the premiere and hugged everyone, including Aamir Khan! *gasp* ..he even told us that story about him having Aamir & Juhi as movie idols when he was in college which, if you've read his 4 kg biography by Mushtaq (Still Reading Khan), is entirely true. Mushtaq wrote (in the The Others chapter, I think) how Shah Rukh was so obsessed with reaching Aamir's level that he vowed to "destroy" the guy one day when he just started his film career. This hot exclamation is on par with the now-famous "I'm going to own this city one day" promise he made when he was down and out and frustrated during his search for Gauri in Mumbai. I love his hot spighit. Wish my thanda soul is as warm as his is.
  • Oh, Salman came to the 3 Idiots premiere too but he was never anywhere near SRK at any time during the launch. And huh.. no Amitabh?
  • This nice gesture was reciprocated by Aamir when he said how he's confident that MNIK's gonna be bigger than 3 Idiots. Sir, it's not rocket science that MNIK is gonna be bigger than 3 Idiots based on its marketing strategy alone so us fans have kinda figured that out from the start. But thanks anyway for the vote of confidence.
  • Not to be left behind, Salman reportedly called up Karan Johar to tell him that he likes the MNIK promo and that he 'loves' Shah Rukh Khan in the movie (the way they frame that one word in this news clip is so hysterically filmi)... awwww. Is it coz of the eyes too this time?
  • What else could Shah Rukh do but return the compliment? I mean, what else can you say but give praise when it comes to a film that prides itself for injuring so many people, innocent bystanders + annoying reporters + bothersome stalkers alike, even before it's released? I too think it's such an original campaign that only Salman can carry it out with such style and panache. He comes out of it all looking like a winner. Uhuh.

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